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Make It count

Make it Count Nike+

2013 has started, therefor; though I’m a little late I’d wish you all the best. The vacation is over and I have to focus on school again. A new semester has started, this time I have to write about Human Movement, which means I will write  about sports, brands, transportation and so on. And the second subject will be Leisure.

A new year, new opportunities and new possibilities. The first of January is for most people the day to get rid off all their bad habits. They do good on their diets, jog often in the park, live healthy and stop smoking. And most of the people start their bad habits again after three weeks or so (so do I). So Nike came up with a campaign, they already did in 2012, but still a perfect timing. The campaign says ‘HOW WILL YOU #MAKEITCOUNT WITH YOUR FRIENDS’. It works this way, first you choose your friends, this would be ideal for me as I have no discipline and some support can be used during my exercise. Then set your goal, Let’s run a marathon in 2013 together! Prove it with NIKE+, ahh smart move Nike, so my first move would be buying Nike+. Oh well for the people who already have +  great idea right? And for the people like me, who don’t have it, don’t be sad it works just fine by challenging your friends and for the record use the old fashion way, pen and paper should do.

Nike is a smart company; they know exactly what their customers need. I think this campaign is a smart move because they give Nike+ customers a new goal for there use. And of course to get new members to join the club, especially after the holidays full of feasting and stuffed bellies, they are desperate to lose weight and that Victoria secret body has to be done before summer starts. Andddddd of course it is so so smart to make something like jogging in the park, which is obviously an offline activity also an online activity with their virtual Nike+ world, because who isn’t on this great world wide web nowadays?

So come on everybody and get your shape up!

Falling Garden

 What an wonderful world isn’t?! This piece of art is made by Swiss artist Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger. It’s an world full of beautiful flowers hanging on the ceiling of a 17th-century church in Venice. The garden is three dimensions, which gives the visitor a magical experience. It seems as if the flowers floats through the air. Can you imagine laying on there on the bench in the church, wandering and looking at the garden above you?

This magical experience, is a subject that I often come across lately. My study group and I did some research on customer trends, and what’s important, nowadays, is that you as a business have to make everything an experience, a special, one of a kind and magical experience to stand out. We developed a new concept for an hairdresser here in Tilburg, and the concept is all about experience.

If you’re interested in more garden design, you definitely have to take a look on the website:

The Poladarium

This is a great tear-off calendar called, The Poladarium. This tear-off calendar contains beautiful Polaroid pictures. On the back you can read a little story about the picture and the photographer. This storytelling makes the pictures more real. What I see more often these days is that products need to have a story to lean on. Those stories behind products give products more value and that’s what’s important to consumers. Storytelling goes along the trend transparency; it has to be honest and from the heart story to really feeling the realness of the product.


‘’People are looking for, and need, realness. There is a powerful urge to get in touch with what they believe is a more “real” world, and it’s leading us to a place where signs of realness take on greater value.’’


You can buy the edition of 2013 on their website, a great present for Christmas, but you have to be quick because this calendar is sold out in no time.

Back to the 90’s

The (80’s and?) 90’s grunge fashion has returned and renewed. Think about the Levi’s shorts last summer or the jackets. They paint them in happy colors though the pieces are a kind of rough like the military jackets. Or like The Ragged priest, blog: does, they sew all kind of different pieces together so you have a one of a kind jacket with a levi’s body and military sleeves. Also Episode does this in their Episode atelier. This special style we all know and used to were by the so called punkers or skinhead, but now all of the sudden it’s more mainstream. Even the Dr. Martens shoes we know from the 90’s are back in the fashion street style.

The street style on the moment in Amsterdam is very 90’s I think. Women look like they have not washed them selfs in days, hair look dirty and messy, make up looks heavy, purple lipstick. Clothes are vintage, looks like the person made it by them self, blouses with different prints and colors but black is still the dominant color of all. And even this style is worn by many people, everybody think they are unique and have their own style. A couple of weeks ago I went to Club up, a club on Leidseplein in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It felt like I went back in time, the hair cuts, clothes and make up of the crowed was just so 90’s, even the music was (DJ Tom Trago). Also club/bar Boom Chicago on Leidseplein you see this style a lot look here on their Facebook page for a impression of what I see on those nights.

For me it looks like we all yearn to the good old days of the 90’s. The 90’s with the house parties, party drugs, illegal party and setting of against the society by living this lifestyle.

Here‘s my favorite song on the moment, the tune and milli Vanilli (you know, those fake basterds haha) perfectly suites this post I think.

(Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens)



The more we rush, the more time we spend indoors staring at our screens and devices, the more urban our lifestyles become, the more we crave and need time away from it all.

Urban Nomads are actually always on the go, they have no fixed base. These pants are designed to combat pickpockets. the “Pick-pocket Proof Pants” includes choice of up to three levels of protection to the contents of the bags safe.

Great pants for urban nomads, It keeps their valuables safe from pickpockets. Think of their wallet, phone, passport or other property. Those things what they carry around all the time and can not affort to lose. So therefor I think Urban Nomads always need these things for the protection of their ‘lives’.

And where there’s a need, there’s an opportunity, as every entrepreneur knows. So what will be the next step in Urban Nomad fashion?


Can you imagine you never have to go to the stores to buy clothes or never have to wait for the postoffice to deliver you online order? I think this will be the situation in the near future. And the 3D printer is going to make this revolution possible.

Consumers like to stand out from the crowed. They all like to be the first who owns that Iphone 5, want to be the first who is visiting that new concept store in town en like to be the one who tasted that new tea. You see this trend, called Unique, in all industries like; food, interior, gadgets but also in the fashion industry.

People like to wear clothes that represents and matches their personality. The 3D-printer is going to make it easy to do so. With the 3D-printer people can make their own designed clothes with their own choosen fabric. This will make the clothes and the person who is wearing it stand out from the crowed. I look forward to this revolution and I’m curious to see what people will design and wear.