The fashion corners of Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Do you like unique shops? ‘Kijken kijken kopen’ is the answer to these questions. This book is written by fashion journalist Bregje Lampe. It contains eighty-eight(!!!) of her favorite shops in Amsterdam. Not only clothing shops also an vacuum cleaner shop.

This is definitely a book that I would have on my bookshelf, although it is more fun to find out yourself, because Amsterdam is an wonderful city!

Tomorrow I’ll visit Amsterdam again, I have to make a movie about my dreams. And these dream contains, what els, Amsterdam!

Order the book ‘Kijken kijken kopen’ here.


LIKE A BIRD or Robin Hood..

My studiegroup and I are working on a new project. We have to make an interior plan for some classrooms. These classrooms serve as breeding places for birds, uhh.. I mean students. They call them the concept rooms. In these rooms students will come together to create new innovative ideas for new concepts.

 My group and I were thinking, because we always have to work in groups, we should have some privacy to fully concentrate on school projects. So we want to make in each classroom different inspiring, areas to connect with each other, which is one of the keywords our school has. And what’s more suitable then these Real-Life Human Nests by animal farm. Now the birds can sit together in this inspiring nest and get some new creative ideas for their great, innovative concepts. There’s only one problem. We don’t have threes in our concept rooms….

I really think these nests are a nice solution to get back in the woods again. Nowadays, people are busy with work, children, household and so on. So wouldn’t it be nice to get once in a while out of the city and go back into the beautiful forest. And climb the ladder like a little child is climbing to his treehouse. Sit back, relax and enjoy the silence of nature. It’s also very romantic, and sustainable. Instead of taking your lover to the movies, go to this nice treehouse which is made out of wood, pure nature. This way we involve nature again, and I think this sort of things will inspire people to think more about nature and sustainable living.

Found this great treehouse on:


Who is it? I love beautiful sixties Brigitte Bardot and her crazy big hairdo! Which women do not want the big hair? She’s still an inspiration for the fashion industry, celebrities (Kate Moss, Sienna Miller), and also for me. Nowadays you see her style everywhere: the blond big hair (also known as, the choucroute hairstyle) and the black eyeliner. Bardot also brought the ‘Bardot neckline’ into fashion, The ‘Bardot neckline’ named after her is a term for wearing shirts and dresses with necklines that expose the collar bone and both shoulders. This style was especially used for jumpers and knitted sweaters. Although she’s now seventy-seven years old, she still wears her signature make up to this day.

Why Brigitte? She is not only a beautiful woman and one of the best-known sex symbols of the sixties, she was also an actress, model, singer and an animal rights activist. In 1959, philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote an essay with Bardot as subject. She wrote about the Lolita Syndrome, which says that Bardot is the ‘locomotive of women’s history’ and declared her the first and most liberate woman of post-war France.

Bardot is well known for her controversial ideas and since 1990 she has been fined five times for inciting racial hatred. I do not agree with her ideas, except for using her fame to promote animal rights. I find it inspiring that she believes in her self, and that she is not afraid of what people think of her.



Last Tuesday I went to the expo of Walter Van Beirendonck at the ModeMuseum, Antwerp. Walter is fashion designer and he is also teaching at the fashion-department from the Royal Academy of Arts-Antwerp/Belgium. I found his work very inspiring and every piece of his collection is like art, he’s different and colorful. His unusual color combinations and strong graphic influence are characteristic for his collections. I can really recommend you to see his collection, this is possible till February the 19th.

Click here for more information


Today starts my vacation, so it’s time to take it easy, relax and lay back. I just found this song and I already love it, it’s great for a total relaxation. Although it’s Christmas time, I can’t wait to listen to this song when I’m laying down the beach, drinking a cocktail in the sun!

Beautiful furniture


Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important American designers of this century.  They are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design (Eames chair), industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts. I found the furniture made by this couple very special. Here I present the pieces I like the most. And maybe someday, I will have a original for my own.

Eames Lounge and Ottoman (1956)

Vitra Eames RAR (Rocking chair)

Mario Testino

Beautiful pictures of Kate Moss by photographer Mario Testino!
Testino has become one of the world’s most well known fashion photographers.

In a month time it will be Christmas. So it’s time to make a wish list,
and the first thing I’ll add to my list will be this book, ‘Kate Moss by Mario Testino’. It’s a tribute to his greatest muse, Kate.

Great roomie!

Thanks to my roommate I can listen to this song whenever I want!
I heard this song a while ago on a party and didn’t know the name of it.
Everybody knows how frustrated this can be(that’s probably the reason they invented  Shazam). But there was my roommate, playing the song on her computer. So I’m thankful for that and want to give a big applause for my dear roomie MELOU MALOU!

Ps: I have to say while playing this song, put your volume to the highest level!