Party with a local hihaa


You know, you come across an unfamiliar city looking for nice pubs and cafes and u probably will end up in those tourist places.. but now things are about to change! Party with a local is a super duper awesome app which is the solution to this problem. This app connects the locals with the travelers. For example; your in Amsterdam and you like to get to know the city better and I mean not as superficial as the tourist spots, you go on the app which locates you and shows you the locals who liked to take you out. Then meet up with the local and party like a local hihaaa!


The fashion corners of Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Do you like unique shops? ‘Kijken kijken kopen’ is the answer to these questions. This book is written by fashion journalist Bregje Lampe. It contains eighty-eight(!!!) of her favorite shops in Amsterdam. Not only clothing shops also an vacuum cleaner shop.

This is definitely a book that I would have on my bookshelf, although it is more fun to find out yourself, because Amsterdam is an wonderful city!

Tomorrow I’ll visit Amsterdam again, I have to make a movie about my dreams. And these dream contains, what els, Amsterdam!

Order the book ‘Kijken kijken kopen’ here.


What is it?
OT301 is a multi-media alternative cultural centre which is located on Overtoom 301, in Amsterdam. It used to be a old film academy and was squatted by a group of artist in 1999. The city wanted to knock the building down. But after a while they decided  to make the squatters legal renters at a low price. Nowadays is it used in a range of ways, including as a venue for music and films, a non-profit print shop, artists workspace and an ‘organic cultural kitchen’ called De Peper.

Why it’s cool?
It’s a perfect location for this kind of creative activities. And it’s different because of the underground look, which makes it an authentic location. The low cost of the building are important for cultivating an environment where artist can grow and experiment without commercial interference. Also is it a perfect solution for a squat, to use it without making high cost by rebuilding a building.

Leave your shoes at home

Coming saturday, the 3th of December, I’m going to the event Shoeless. It will be the first time I join this event. It’s a nice techno music event which takes place in Amsterdam.
Besides good music there will be more reasons to join in with me, like: fashion show, foot massages and many other things.

Shoes are not allowed at this event,
so leave your shoes at home,
and dance the night away barefoot!

Reading while waiting

What it is?
For the first time in Europe a library opened their doors at train station Haarlem, the Netherlands.
Since Septembre travellers can rent books at the station and return them in their own town.
The train station in Haarlem is beautiful, old and authentic. This makes the library fit in perfectly.

Why it’s cool?
No need for travellers to waste time by going to the library in their city.
Just rent your book while waiting on your train! And enjoy the authenticity of the library and train station.
When speaking of success for this concept, more “library stations” will be opened the coming years.

Click here for the article 


What it is?
NEON is an open air event which will take place in the dark at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. All kind of artist come together and paint live their paintings with neon paint.

Why it’s cool?
It’s a nice experience for the artist, but also for the people who come to watch. Nowadays people want more experience. So NEON give them this opportunity to watch a artist paint in the open air instead of hanging their art in a boring museum
Vondelpark will turn for one night in a paradise of lighting paintings!