Look what I’ve found, maybe a little bit old for some of you, but I still wanted to share this original way of serving a salad. We all know the cheap looking MacSalad shakes by MacDonalds, they even serve plastic cups with salad at my school cafeteria!

Salad in a jar gives a whole other feeling, a authentic, fair feeling. I can image people will serve this on a friends or family barbecue-party. Delicious salads in jars, maybe with each different ingredients. I found this great idea on a Pinterest page, which is full of delicious food inspirations.

The first jar-salad I will make is a Pasta Salad, which I eat a lot during summertime. At first I’ll put pesto dressing on the bottom then cold pasta, avocado, roosted chicken, mozzarella, pine nuts, tomato, basil and a bit of pepper&salt. On this page, Salad In A Jar,  you’ll found more delicious recipes to put in a jar. Which one is your favorite?