Speedy, fun, electric scooters you can ride anywhere in the city.

At first we had the white bike plan here in the Netherlands. Free bikes to transport across the country for everybody. But soon we will have SCOOT! Scooter in each city for free transportation. Scoot is a good solution for faster transportation then the bike, better then the car and cooler then the bus and perfect for the urban nomad. Unfortunately not yet developed for the Netherlands.

SCOOT is an organization that likes to have a network of green scooters instead of the white bikes, across America. The scooter would be the new transport for the people in the city. Especially for urban nomad people who don’t own a car or don’t like to be transported by public transport. For using the scooter you have to pay a monthly amount between  $ 100 and $ 150.

These scooter are easy to find with an app for the iPhone. And interestingly, the control also takes place with the iPhone. You put your iPhone in the special iPhone dock on the steering wheel, press start, and the scooter is good to go. Another benefit of the iPhone, he shows the map of the city so you can see right away where you are and where you have to be.

SCOOT is something they could use right away here in Amsterdam, where it is always busy and hard to find parking spaces. And of course it’s better for the environment if people take more often the bike or a green scooter from SCOOT instead of taking the dirty car with exhaust. And to come back at the urban nomad trend, how easy is this? They can use the scooter to bring them everywhere.

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AroundMe App

What it is?
AroundMe gives you the direction on GPS to all kind of places around you. For example, you can select food, the app will give you the direct information of all the restaurants nearby.

Why is it cool?
AroundMe is easy, fast and clear. It’s your own personal digital map.
Has it future potential? I think everybody who has a smartphone will use this app as their personal cityguide and more.

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Life of George

What it is?
Life of George is a game-application for the iphone. For playing this game you need to download the app on your Iphone and you have to buy the Life of George product in store. On the Life of George product you build models your Iphone has given to you, and your iphone will check if you build correctly.

Why it’s cool?
It’s a combination of physical elements and an Iphone. interesting for young people because it’s close to their world.

Has is future potential?
This application has future potential because they just linked the things we already know (in this case, Lego) with current technologies.

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Whereabout App

What is it?
This app is designed for professional athletes and their doping inspectors. With this app the phone will track the person on GPS.  This will give the doping inspector the opportunity to test the athlete on doping anywhere he is and most importantly unannounced.

Why is it cool?
At first it’s easy and reliable for the inspector and athletes. Secondary it usually takes a lot of time to keep up the location of the athlete. nowadays everybody has a smartphone and wants to spare time, so this app will help them.

Has it future potential?
The app is launched on the 26th of September and at the moment only available in the Netherlands. I think the number of users will increase and because of that it will soon be available in other countries, because there are professional athletes all over the world.

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