The fashion corners of Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Do you like unique shops? ‘Kijken kijken kopen’ is the answer to these questions. This book is written by fashion journalist Bregje Lampe. It contains eighty-eight(!!!) of her favorite shops in Amsterdam. Not only clothing shops also an vacuum cleaner shop.

This is definitely a book that I would have on my bookshelf, although it is more fun to find out yourself, because Amsterdam is an wonderful city!

Tomorrow I’ll visit Amsterdam again, I have to make a movie about my dreams. And these dream contains, what els, Amsterdam!

Order the book ‘Kijken kijken kopen’ here.



There’s a new school, the Jean School! How cool is this? The students will get trained for jobs in the demin industry and during the study they will get subjects, such as design, sewing, fit, pattern making, wash and treat but also in purchasing and brand management. A creative study with the focus on the international market. The school response to the need of the demin industry, they want professional skilled workers who know how to work with demin and got craft in the fingers.

Big brands like Hilfiger, Denham and Levis do participate in the curriculum through guest lectures, jobs to offer and internships. After three years of learning, students are qualified Developer Demin, they know everything about the industry, design, development, purchasing and manufacturing functions.

Jean School is an initiative from James Veenhoff, initiator at House of Denim and the fashion-department of ROC Amsterdam.


Last summer I went to party island Ibiza, Spain. A week full of the greatest parties I’ve ever been to. But I didn’t only danced my ass of in the finest clubs on the music from the greatest DJ’s, I also went to Ibiza City (Eivissa) for some ‘culture’. Ibiza has their great little boutiques full with the Ibiza kinda hippie, bohemian clothing style. Think about an long white dress with the leather Ibiza boots a straw hat and the aviator glasses of ray ban. but also…

ALLSAINTS, a great shop with great clothes. Not only the clothes are nice even the store is great. It looks like an old underground factory, with these characteristic elements, such as old sewing machines. Every item in the store looks hand-made with a rough, edgy rock style.. I wanted to buy the whole store! unfortunately I could not afford to do that. So I bought a simple top, just to have something. ALLsaints launched a partnership with Not for sale, an anti-human trafficking group. So the greatest news of all, they cell fair clothing!


Do you remember the time playing in the attic, dressing like a princes with your mother’s clothes? putting on high heels, beautiful dresses and a big fur coat. This is possible again! So run upstairs go raid your mom’s closet and breathe life into those old clothes by dressing like her ‘mini me’!

What’s new? A new survey has been revealed. Young people are being hit in the pocket, it forces them to raiding their parents’ wardrobes. But here’s the good news, dressing like your mother is no longer an embarrassment like it used to be! This survey comes from online retailer, they concluded that young women rather raiding their mother’ wardrobe than spending money on new trends. I personally think THIS is a trend, a new one! The retro fashion even extends to the beautiful wedding dresses from their mother. It’s the new ‘something borrowed’. The survey also said, one in the three moms said they love shopping with their daughters for inspiration and style advice.

‘Young women appreciate role models who have learnt how to dress and look good. That takes style and life experience.’ – Ruth Start (spokeswoman,

Why is it cool? What’s nicer than spending time with your daughter and inspire each other! I found this trend very cool because this way mom and daughter got the same tasted in fashion, so it saves money and daughter and mother getting to spend time together. So from now on every daughter and mother got their personal style adviser, each other!



Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson
Pearl and Daisy Lowe
Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger
Carol and Katie Vorderman
Judy Finnegan and Chloe Madeley