The barber-shops are making a huge comeback. I found one in Amsterdam called ‘Barber’. Barber says ”We believe every man needs some time for himself, and we believe in the luxury of a good old straight razor shave or trim” and that’s not the only thing men deserve, they welcome men with a great coffee, whisky or a cold beer. For years it was women and grooming and nowadays men also care about grooming. And webshops such as Vetted understands men need to take care of themselves.

Back to where I started, the barbershops are back in business. Like I said I spotted one in Amsterdam, Barber, which had two locations, one salon on it’s own and  one in Concept store Hutspot, which is by the way a great shop. Barber is also available to be booked on a event, how cool is that! I can imagine Barber whould be a real eyecatcher on every event.

Not only did I spot Barber, I also spotted one in Gent, a city in Belgium called ‘GENT Cuts and Grooming‘, again a real mancave. While your waiting for your turn you can watch the game on one of the many TVs while enjoying a cold beer.

A mens world only, drinking beer, chatting with friends while having a nice trim, ATTENTION, let me say it again: TRIM, because most man coming to these salons, can’t imagine themselves living without their beards, it’s part of their lifestyle.



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