Instead of parking your bike in the standard boring bike racks and leave it there, park it right in this table! I can imagine those tables standing in the park which gives a kind of outdoor office. Lately I see a lot of bicycle innovations and I like it a lot! Especially in a country such as the Netherlands it is a big markted. Here in the Netherlands we all have bicycles; we cycle to our work, bring our kids to school on the bicycle or we cycle just for fun and enjoying the weather.

This innovation in particular is a great why to combinate two trends, the busy and fast world we live in and the healthy life we want at the same time. For a busy business man this would be a perfect outcome, eating lunch or doing bussines in the openair and meanwhile staying in motion. Or for those who love cycling during those sunny days with their friends or loved ones, they can easily stop for a quick ‘picnic’.


I found this special table on the http://www.treehugger.com


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